Drive Real FIA Formula One Racecars 

So exclusive, it's offered at ONLY three circuits in the world!

Authentic Formula One cars. Few people ever get the opportunity to get up close to one of these incredible race cars, let alone sit in one and then drive it at speed in England or the South of France!

Previously used in a past Formula One World Championship season, these genuine team racecars represent the pinacle of racecar technology. These same cars once cost F1 teams millions of dollars to develop, build and put on the track!

You've seen these million dollar cars racing on TV at the hands of million dollar salaried drivers and thought it would be an impossible dream to one day drive one. Well, think again! Now, you too can drive a real Formula 1 car! Check the location(s) below!

European Formula 1 Experience

The European Formule 1 Experience offers the opportunity to drive some of the world's most modern and powerful racecars, the amazing Formula 1 machines. You can drive a Formula 1 car at one of France's most beautiful and challenging road racing circuits.

Conveniently located near Monte Carlo, combine this driving experience with a trip to see the most exciting F1 race in the Championship, the Grand Prix of Monaco in May or the world renowned Cannes Film Festival. The F1 Experience owns and operates 10 F3 style racecars and several superb F1 cars, and has limited dates scheduled throughout the year (mostly in the warmer months). This is one of the most upscale Formula 1 driving experience in the world!

Locations: Circuit du Var and other European circuits including Paul Ricard.
· Le Luc (near Cannes, St. Tropez, & Monaco), France (see world map below, scroll to France)

British Formula 1 Experience

The UK Formula One Driving Experience based in England is simply the driving experience of a lifetime. Imagine how few people have ever driven a Formula One race car... and now you can be included it that small group of lucky enthusiasts! Drive a Formula 1 car in the birthplace of Formula 1 racing: England. In England you will find the least expensive Formula 1 driving experience in the world! Experience the incredible power and handling of an F1 car at a British circuit.

Track: Three Sisters Circuit
Location: Wygan, England (near Manchester) - UK (see world map below, scroll to England)


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