Defensive Driving Schools and Car Control Clinics

Car Control
. If only more drivers had it, our roads would be a lot safer.

Defensive Driving Schools and Car control Clinics are a fantastic way for owners of expensive sports cars and exotics to learn how to extract the maximum level of performance from their cars while gaining a greater understanding of vehicle dynamics. This is what drivers ed never taught you...or your kids.


Learn how to use ABS braking systems to their fullest. Learn braking & steering and skid control techniques while having a blast. Learn why all the new automotive technology you're paying for could be more dangerous than helpful in the hands of an untrained driver.

These programs are absolutely perfect for new and young drivers as they will learn potentially life saving car control skills and collision avoidance maneuvers as well.

We offer several options on both ends of the country for these types of programs.

Some of the schools we represent include (but not limited to):


The American Traffic Academy, Las Vegas, NV
The Skip Barber Racing School, Braselton, GA

Simraceway Perfformance Driving Center, Sonoma, CA
Bob Bondurant School of High Perofmance Driving
Bertil Roos Racing and High Performance Driving School

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