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For those who prefer to focus on speed and nothing else. Drag Racing School programs available in "rail' or 'door car" styles.




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Since Doug Foley bought his first Camaro in 1991 he has never looked back. Racing was in his blood and Doug would make competing at the highest level, in the fastest machines, his life and his passion. In 1996 he decided to invest in a top alcohol racing operation and make the track home for his wife Shelagh and his new son Douglas.

Success on the track came quickly as Doug finished #9 in the US in Top Alcohol Dragster including two Wally’s in 2003. Going pro in 2004 Doug won three nationals and finished 3rd in points in the IHRA and was honored as pro rookie of the year.

In 2006 Doug finished 2nd in Top Fuel Points in the IHRA and, in 2007, he ran in 14 NHRA national events making 5 semi-finals. He was proud to earn the nickname Giant Killer.

Whether you want to ride asa passenger in the "two headed monster" or get behind the wheel and drive, Pure Speed Racing is the right choice to make.

Find a location closest to you, below on our map and click on that track to view pricing and/or to purchase your driving experience. Your will be purchasing an "Open Date" driving voucher. Once purchased the recipient or holder can contact us to schedule an actual priogram date. All purchases are recorded this way even if you are the actual driver / user of the voucher.


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