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There are many types of "Formula" race cars, most notably F1600 cars, F2000 cars, F3 cars, and others. Half Day driving experiences as well as multiday licensing programs are offered in these cars. Racing licenses can be obtained by taking a multiday program at one of the SCCA accredited schools we represent.

Formula Cars contribute to auto racing being the # 1 spectator sport in North America. This type of race car is a very popular choice of customers within our Network of racing school operators because it allows the participant to secure the requirements that can eventually lead them to securing their Road Racing licenses from such sanctioning bodies as SCCA, NASA and ALMS to name three. With up to 11 cars on track simultaneously, passing is allowed at most schools.

Driving Programs in these cars are offered at famous Road Racing Circuits nationwide. Review the map below, find the track closest to you, click on its location marker to review track information and click the "Purchase Button" to select the value of the driving voucher you want to buy. Call us to redeem.

Formula driving programs will require anywhere from 3 hours to three days or more of your time from start to finish. All include the use of the school's racing suits and helmets. All begin with driver orientation classroom session followed by your various car control exercises followed by laps, on track, in the race car. The more liberal the driving program, the higher your liability will be for car dammage. Some schools DO NOT hold you responsible for some crash damage while others provide inexpensive coverage to eliminate or substantially reduce your exposure to any crash related repair costs.

Find a location closest to you, below, on our map then call us directly to facilitate your purchase or to sign up for an actual driving program date. 




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