Karting - Race Kart Schools

Most inexpensive and competitive form of racing anywhere.

Great for individuals or groups on a tight budget. These are not slow amusement park like go-karts but purpose built racing machines capable of hair raising speeds of 50, 70, 100+mph.

Many diferent kinds of Racing Karts available such as the 270cc 4cycle, 100cc 2 cycle, and 6 speed shifter karts. Indoor Tracks and outdoor tracks available.

Drivers can do a racing school program or/and sign up to compete in actual racing events. Events range from school championship series to a World Championship event. You want to race competitively? This is the most convenient and affordable way to go.

Here's what one happy customer wrote about their experience and our services:

"We had a great time.  The kids(13-15 & 17) learned a lot, and their lap times
were the proof.  They are already talking about where we should go next.
On a personal note, I really appreciated your short notice help.  I
never would have know about this program without your help, and it
worked out beautifully."

Larry C, Philadelphia, PA 

Find a location closest to you, below on our map and click on that track to view pricing and/or to purchase your driving experience. Your will be purchasing an "Open Date" driving voucher. Once purchased the recipient or holder can contact us to schedule an actual priogram date. All purchases are recorded this way even if you are the actual driver / user of the voucher.

If you don't find what you're looking for, just call us and we'll be happy to help!





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