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Formula instruction

Services specializes in helping clients identify, secure and implement exciting auto racing and high performance driving experiences in the US, Canada and the world.

Racing and high performance driving schools and race track operators are all very different from each other . That’s why smart corporate event planners rely on our highly experienced staff and specialized Motorsports Entertainment – Event Management skills to ensure their outing turns out exactly how they had hoped it would.

We deliver exquisitely designed, track based experiential driving events from start to finish.

RACE driver


The cost of your outing is based on your budget limitations and some or all of the following:

  • Number of participants
  • Type and number of race cars
  • Length of program:
    From a few laps to a full day or more
  • Track location
  • Is it “Exclusive” or Non Exclusive Track Use
  • Time of year/month/week

Ride Along

  • Ride along as a passenger for 3 laps.

Drive The Car

  • Drive the race car for up to 8 laps.

Average half day

  • Average half day, driving the car.

Average full day

  • Average full day, driving the car.


Porsche at the finish line


When you’re spending good money to incentivise sales people, reward loyal clients, attract new prospects or if you’re simply attending a business retreat, you want results and you expect your guests to leave with long lasting memories of the event.

Any time spent driving race cars will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.They will always remember that it was YOUR company that made their once in a lifetime experience possible … and they’ll want to do whatever it takes to be re-invited next year.

We have the experience and knowhow to ensure your driving experience exceeds all of your expectations. Isn’t that the way it should be?

Why Motorsports based Entertainment?

In business, ROI is the measure of everything. That’s one reason why coming up with fresh and creative ways of engaging your guests is paramount to ensuring all your event objectives are exceeded.

Through its network of dozens of the best racing and high performance driving school partners around the globe, offers unparalleled driving experiences in authentic competition Stockcars, Formula cars, Indycars, Sportscars, Exotics, Dragsters and much more.

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Types of cars to choose from:

  • NASCAR style stockcars
  • FORMULA ONE (the real thing, in the US or Europe)
  • Indycars
  • Dragsters (rail or door cars)
  • Sportscars (Porsches, Corvettes Stingrays, Mustangs, Audis)
  • Exotics  (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, GTR and many more)
  • Car Control, Defensive Driving, Collision Avoidance (Great for company Fleet operators)
  • Karting
  • Aerial Fighter Combat (you fly real fighter training combat planes in head to head dog fights)

 Call us if you’re not sure what you’re looking for and we’ll steer you in the right direction!

What’s Included?

The vast majority of track based driving programs include a 40-50 minutes classroom based orientation session followed by one or more sessions on track. PASSING IS ALLOWED! All the safety equipment you’ll need at the track is provided, race suits, helmets etc. All cars, equipment, supplies and personnel. Many schools offer souvenir photo plaques and in-car videos as well as wearable (hats, t-shirts, polos etc.).

You decide what type of race car around which to build your track day. NASCAR style stockcars, Indycars, Formula One, Sportscars, Exotics and even Aerial Combat programs where you do much of the actual flying in fighter training planes.

What will it cost?

Driving experiences vary wildly in price depending on many different factors but are available from as low as $199 per person. The event is individually produced for each one of our clients based on various factors, many of which are listed on this page.

Call 480-659-9102 or email one of our experienced Motorsports Entertainment Specialists at for more information. See you at the race track!

Other cool services?

Exotic Locations: We plan & arrange your entire trip to exotic locations that offer driving experiences nearby.

Monaco/Monte Carlo (in conjunction with the F1 GP)
Hong Kong
Europe (France, Spain, England, Germany) 
and more

Display Racecars: Competition Show Cars for meeting rooms, trade shows, etc.

Speakers: Famous current or retired racing drivers and celebrities

Industry Leading Consulting Services: Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Start Ups

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