How to Become a Race Car Driver

--How to Become a Race Car Driver
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Becoming a race car driver, here is advice to help you get to your objective. Over the course of a year, we receive many requests for information on how to become a professional race car driver. First, you must realize that this is a long, arduous and potentially expensive process and only those who persevere will achieve the status of professional race car driver. Don’t give up, though, because with dedication and perseverance you can make it. There are a number of reasonably well defined steps to go through on your way to becoming a race car driver. Some are relatively inexpensive while others get more costly as time goes on and your experience and skill level increase.

Get Educated About Racing

The first thing you need to do is get educated about racing. Read, read, read. Read everything you possibly can about race car driving. If you haven’t read very much in this regard, start with Carroll Smith’s books. He has a number of books that are all very helpful. This will lead you to many other books. Here are a few good suggestions to get you started:

Go to your local racetracks. Talk to drivers. Talk to teams. Talk to crew members. Talk to anybody that you can about racing. You will learn a lot, and you will also find that racing people loved to be asked questions and love to tell you everything that they know on the subject. You will find that you will make many new friends, and this will aid in your evolution to becoming a driver.

Hang Around Racing

Volunteer to work in any aspect of racing that you can. Even if you have to, sell tickets at the racetrack or be an usher. After that, try to get onto a race team. Volunteer to wash engine parts or polish the race car and run errands. Do whatever you can. The more you hang around racing, the more you will know, and the more opportunity you will have to get your lucky break at driving.

Racing School

Now that you are reading and getting smarter, talking to racing people, and understanding what the race game is all about, you should be saving your money and trying to get into some kind of racing school. There are a number of great U.S. based racing schools. You can find out about any of them through Some of the more well known schools are not always the best. There are great racing schools on both the east and west coasts of the country.

The best and most complete racing school is a three-day (or longer) training course. This will give you the basics in racing and car control. It will also lead you to talk to other racers and to coaches and instructors that may be able to help you get into a race car. Most people have to learn and work their way up through the ranks and, you can do that, if you have the dedication, staying power, financial means and if it’s what you really want to do in life.

Car Clubs

You could start attending driving days available through car clubs. Check your local area. If it is in the United States, the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) has a national office in Colorado and regional offices in most states as well as a web site. They offer programs for a few hundred dollars if you bring your own car. Oftentimes, you can bring a streetcar and get some sort of training as well. This can be very cost effective and also get your feet wet with regard to getting started in the race game.

Race Series

If you are ready to go racing and have a small budget or a limited sponsor, you may be able to start racing some of the school race series. A number of schools offer their own, well organized and cost effective series, and it’s fairly economical relative to the expense of pro racing. It is generally very competitive at the front of the pack, and you will learn a lot.

Seat Time

Once you are ready to go racing, remember that seat time is everything. Get in a race car every chance you get. Whether it’s a go-kart ( a great way to get started too), a streetcar on the race track, or a made-for-racing machine, do everything you can to get as much seat time as possible. That’s all there is to it. Unless you happen to have a rich uncle or a very big pile of money, this is generally how most folks go about becoming a driver.

I hope this information proves to be helpful to you. You are also more than welcome to call and an experienced representative will be happy to answer your questions.